Takkya is new furniture concept in the United Arab Emirates, and the Gulf region. The word «Takkya» means cushion in Arabic, it is pronounced differently from region to region in the Arab world, but it has the same use, its either a back or a side cushion and they are bigger than normal sized cushion.

In the past a takkya cushion was the only furniture available in an Emirati humble homes, and with modernization it stayed as a staple for a while even with the introduction of sofas, but it stayed as it is.

Takkya cushions started to become an insignificant piece of furniture and a boring one as well, therefore new generations became less interested in them. From here the idea of this new concept emerged, in an attempt to save this precious piece of furniture.

TAKKYA today is relevant, new and fresh. All generations wants a piece of it, old generations wants it because it reminds them of the past and young generations thinks its cool and trendy and they also want it.

This was achieved by keeping the most important elements in it, the elements that keeps it real and relevant to us, for example the embroidery, the side ruffles, the size, and by adding new ideas to it, like changing color, shapes, fabrics, adding pattern and by also changing the usage of the takkya, like making it into a bean bag, a mini cushion or adding it on a modern sofa.

Outdoor Seating, in different configarations, sizes and colors also are available. We also provided small items like picnic sets and bean bags. Our rang of product is growing with the growth of our cleint base, to meet all demands and tastes.

In Takkya we took it a step further by creating different items inspiered by the traditional old takkya. «Darfan» a wooden swing was addition to the family of takkya. Finaly, our brand reached a wider audience than we expected Today Takkya is in Residencial Villas, Goverenment Agencies, Royalty Palaces and in celabrity homes, from all the gulf countries.